Monday, June 11, 2007

Birthday Weekend!

Well... it happened! I'm officially "over thirty"! LOL! 31 hit on Saturday, June 9th! I didn't mind it at all!! What's another year, eh?
We celebrated on Saturday and Sunday! Aren't I special? On Saturday, Dorothy (My mother-in-law)invited us up for supper. She asked Jasmine to come over early... she wanted her to help decorate and stuff like that. Jaz just gets so excited about things like that! So we spend the evening there... had a wonderful supper and cherry cheesecake for dessert! Mmmmmmm!!
When we got home Justin and I sat out on the back poarch on the swing after the kids were asleep. It was there that we played a little game of 20 questions in order for me to find out what my birthday present was! After MANY questions... and quite some time... I guessed! TICKETS TO SEE BRAD PAISLEY IN CONCERT in Sept!!! I had been WANTING these SO bad but didn't think I should get them... Well... good job I didn't, cause he got them for me!! 5th row from the front!! WOHOOOOOOO!!! This is a HUGE deal for me... I hardly ever get to go to concerts! Espescially with him! What a guy!!

On Sunday after church, we spent the day together as a family... which is just what I wanted! We went to Sussex and got KFC for lunch. We went to the park and ate our picnic there and then played with the kids on the playground! Jasmine met a friend before she ever set foot on the "rides"! LOL! What a social bug! They kids had a blast and it was really hard to get them to leave! Promises of icecream did it though! So, we went to get groceries, then headed for home, stopping in Hatfield point for icecream on the way.

It really was a wonderful weekend! Tired is what i am now... but with many pictures and special memories of my 31st birthday!!

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Tracey said...

Happy Birthday, Tina! I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful weekend. Enjoy that concert :)