Saturday, October 20, 2007

Calling for your votes once again!!

Hello friends!
It is voting time once again! Voting will take place today, Saturday Oct 20th until 11:59EST.
The competition is getting feirce,... with only 8 of us left! So i need your help!
If you've already registered, here's the link...
I'm tinamcd and my LO is "Summertime Friends".
If you've not registered, here is where you can do that...
PS: If you have registered and not gotten confirmation, you can probably still log in... just give it a try!
Thank you all so much for taking this short minute out of your day to vote... FOR ME! :)
Have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's 2:35am...

And here I sit at the computer! Ugh! It's a long story... so here goes!
I took DD to gymnatics in Hampton tonight for 6pm. While she was there I went to Tim Hortons and got myself an icecap.... Mental note... Don't have icecaps that late in the day! YOU WILL NOT SLEEP!!!! So, anywho.... I get home and I'm raring to go! Cleaning, laundry, computer... go go go!!! So by 11:20 I head to bed... next thing I know I'm planning layouts, thinking up titles, journaling, planning what i'm going to do tomorrow, thinking about the Epicure party I'm having here... and then it's 1am!! UGH! So I finally fall asleep... then i'm woken up 15 minutes later by a crying and caughing 8 month old! And now with the big scare on about the caugh medicine, there is nothing i can give him! So I nurse him... he falls asleep and i put him back to bed... he cries and begins caughing all over again. I carry him around and rock him... Lay him down and he cries again. So, needless to say, here it is quarter to three and I'm still hp! With a wide awake but happy baby! AGH!!!!! And funny thing, I'm still not tired! This is SO going to kill my plans for cleaning tomorrow!! I made plans to skip out on play group so I could get caught up on some housework... well, looks like I'll be trying all morning to stay awake, just so I can take a nap once the kids crash after lunch!
And now the lookin cat is going haywire!! Sheesh... what a night, or should I say what a morning!?!?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Need your votes again!

Good morning! It's Saturday, and that means that the voting is open again at Just Cre8!! If you have already registered, here is the link to go and vote! :) For me that is! :) (tinamcd)title is (self portrait)
If you've not registered, you can do so here...
Thank you all So much!! Have a happy Saturday!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I need your help!!

Hi there! I am in a scrapbooking contest at I need your votes!! The voting takes place today, oct 6 until 11:59PM EST and I'd LOVE to have you vote for me!! Here's how you can do it...
Go to the forum NOW and register. Your registration will have to be accepted, which may take some time.
Then, head over here and vote for me!!
Just so you know... I'm "tinamcd" and my LO is titled (Oh So Serious).

Thank you SO much!! Please let me know if you can do this for me! :) You are under No obligation to do so, and are not signing up to do anything by registering for the board.
Thanks in advance!
This is a 6 week contest and I'd love to make it to the end! I'll need YOU'RE help to make it! So thanks... and go register now! :)