Monday, May 14, 2007

Red on Fridays

The following Article was in the local newspaper this past weekend. I met this lady... scrapbooked with her several times. She is a Christian and her testimony thru this has been amazing! She lost her son in Afganastan last month... what a strong, amazing testimony! Remember this... for Friday's!

Why didn't I cry?

Laurie Greenslade
Published Saturday May 12th, 2007
Appeared on page A10
I am the mother of a fallen soldier, who was a friend to many and a hero. Before my son, David Greenslade, boarded the plane to go on his first tour of duty to Afghanistan, I had made a promise to him. On the day of deployment, I swore I would not cry, as he wanted to be strong and positive, the way he had lived his life.

I felt on that day that if I showed tears that he would think I thought he wasn't coming home. It was this promise and my faith that carried me through everything that was to come.

Some people may question my lack of tears during the many interviews I did. My only child had just been taken from me and yet, when the media wanted to talk to us about David, I said yes to every interview.

This was the last opportunity for people to get to know him, his life, dreams, and courage, and to voice how proud we were of him and his sacrifice. I needed to ask for support for his friends, fellow soldiers still in Afghanistan carrying on the mission.

I was strong for David and the rest of the troops. My strength was from the Lord. The power of prayers from friends and our church family kept me from falling apart.

At his funeral service, I still did not cry. This was truly a celebration of David's life, a life that mattered, from uplifting music to heartfelt eulogies from his closest friends. The Easter hymn - the hope we have in a life beyond this short time. This service was opening hearts and minds for Jesus.

This was an opportunity to prove my faith to others, even in the midst of the worst possible event, the loss of a child - my heart.

David's dream was to help children in Afghanistan. He wanted them to enjoy the freedom that he experienced as a child. To be free from land mines, to be able to attend school, not fear for their lives. He wanted each of them to have a childhood. He wanted to make a difference, and I believe he did and his fellow soldiers are carrying on that dream.

Eight-year-old Marshall Howard of Fairvale Elementary School knows firsthand the life of a soldier, as he has family members that have served overseas. A close friend of this family, Pte. Pat LeBlanc, was deployed to Afghanistan in January with our son David. Marshall began wearing red on Friday to show his support for the troops. A simple red t-shirt prompted other kids to ask why. Marshall told them the significance of what he was doing and suggested that they could do the same by the small gesture of wearing something red each Friday. They did.

Since David's death, Marshall and the rest of Fairvale Elementary School have taken a keen interest in the development of the Afghani children, as that was David's dream. I became aware of this when Marshall came to our house with a "Book of Condolences."

I've heard Dave referred to as a "true hometown hero." All the troops serving in Afghanistan are heroes. They sacrifice their comfort, health, (both physical and mental) their dreams, families and futures. They desire to make a positive difference to the Afghani people.

The colour red symbolizes the colour of blood shed by people just like my son and others who paid the ultimate price for Canadians and the Afghani people to live in freedom. Wearing red doesn't necessarily mean you support the political reason why the troops are over there. It means you're supporting them, true heroes who desire to make a difference, a better life for the next generation. It would be as simple as wearing a red t-shirt like Marshall, or a red ribbon pinned to your shirt.

The support that we received from the soldiers, the community and the country has been so positive and uplifting to our spirits. We've had many people ask if there is anything they could do to help us and we respond by saying one thing: wear red on Fridays, every Friday.

Friday, May 11, 2007

3-1= more work!!

Jaz spend last night at her grandparents, so I'm home with just the 2 boys today! Think I can get more done? Not a chance! Sammy likes to stick to me like glue whenever Jazzy isn't around! As I'm typing, he keeps hitting the ESC key! Ugh!!! What a boy!!
I was daring yesterday... or perhaps stupid! I took all 3 kids grocery shopping! WHAT A CHORE!! 2 kids in cart, Jazzy walking along side... It was fine when none of them were sooking, crying or wanting something!! LOL! Oh well... we made it home safe and sound... and with some of my sanity still in tact!! I'll wait a while before doing it again though!

Mothers day is coming up this weekend... Great time to reflect on motherhood!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Summer is here!

At last!! Finally! Wohooooo... the nice weather is here! It was 26 degrees out today, 20 yesterday and supposed to be abother great day tomorrow! i'm So glad! It's great to get the kids outside and playing! They make less mess that way... sort of... And it's so good for them to be outdoors! I have so much to do in here that i don't always get out with them as much as I'd like! Today after their naps we went out and washed the car! That was a fun experience!! Sammy decided that he'd dip his cloth in the puddles instead of the bucket! NOT a good idea! I think I caught him before he scratched the car all to pieces! :)

I think this summer I'm going to say forget about housework a lot! I need to be outside with the kids! It's good for me too! If we move into the cottage for the summer so the renovations can get done, than I will have a lot more time out with the kids!... or so I hope!!

Anyways... here's to summer!!! Bring it on!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Thoughts by Tina

Well... I guess it's about time to start a blog about my life... I have a scrapbooking one... but that's of no interest to many... so here is a new one for pictures and every day chat! Here are some thoughts by Tina!!

*Joined facebook... TOTALLY addicting! So cool to touch base with so many old friends! Not enough hrs in the day to keep up!!

*Justin is taking night classes for his teashing course... he's late getting home tonight... I miss him when he's late like this!

*What a beautiful day! Supposed to be even nicer tomorrow! WOW! Hard to imagine but it's supposed t go up to 28!!! NICE!! Come on summer!!