Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last night ROCKED!!!

Oh my word! I SO thoroughly enjoyed the Brad paisley concert last night! By Hubby is the best!!!
I picked him up from work a bit later than planned... 4:45 instead of 4... got tied up with the babysitter... aka my MIL! Anyway, from there we went right to Harbour Station where the concert was being held. i couldn't believe how many cars were there already... we were over 2 hrs early! Anyway, we got great parking! Then we went thru the pedways and got supper. We ate at Grannons... a nice seafood place! It was deliscious! They had the best grilled veggies I've ever had! I also got a Seafood Crepe! YUMMY! DH got Millionaires fish and chips... fish and scallops. We shared a slice of cheesecake for desert! We were both very pleased with our meal and will probably go back again! Not too soon though... it WAS a bit costly!
So, from there we went to the concert!
First up was Taylor Swift. She is beautiful! Had good stage presence, but really didn't sing that well... I was slightly disappointed!

Next was the highlight of the night for me... Rodney Atkins. WHAT A HOTTIE!!! WOWZERS! I was SO not expecting him to be so young! For some reason I was thinking he was a middle aged man... nope! He's probably early 30's! And He sure can sing! I was impressed with his stage presence, his looks for sure and his voice was amazing!

Then came the star of the show.... Mr Paisley himself! He was awesome! He put on quite a show! People said he was a real hottie... but not in my books. Not bad looking for sure, but nothing for me to get excited about! But he SURE CAN SING!!!

We skipped out as he was called back to do the encore... we missed getting caught in traffic! YAY! It was an hr drive home, and we arrived just before midnight! Kids were sleeping soundly... It was good to be home!

But BOY is it nice to have a night out with Hubby where i'm not mom... I'm just me! I loved it!!!! But I'm glad to be home again!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brad Paisley

Tonight's the night!!! Dh got me tickets to go see Brad Paisley in Saint John, and tonight's the night!!! i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pumped!!! Who'd have ever thought I'd listen to country music, let along get tickets to a show! But... here I am! All psyched up to go and listen to country music tonight!!!!! Hoping for some pics! I'll post tomorrow if I get some!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Just a pic!

I have to load a pic of me on here... just ignore me! LOL!
It's been too long since I've updated on here! I hope to get back at it soon! I start homeschooling Jaz tomorrow, so things will be busy for a bit! But hopefully it will get better soon!
Till then....