Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Summer is here!

At last!! Finally! Wohooooo... the nice weather is here! It was 26 degrees out today, 20 yesterday and supposed to be abother great day tomorrow! i'm So glad! It's great to get the kids outside and playing! They make less mess that way... sort of... And it's so good for them to be outdoors! I have so much to do in here that i don't always get out with them as much as I'd like! Today after their naps we went out and washed the car! That was a fun experience!! Sammy decided that he'd dip his cloth in the puddles instead of the bucket! NOT a good idea! I think I caught him before he scratched the car all to pieces! :)

I think this summer I'm going to say forget about housework a lot! I need to be outside with the kids! It's good for me too! If we move into the cottage for the summer so the renovations can get done, than I will have a lot more time out with the kids!... or so I hope!!

Anyways... here's to summer!!! Bring it on!!!


Amanda said...

Hey Tina! The Just Cre8 girls are right...I love your banner. Keep blogging!

~~Carla~~ said...

Well, summer is NOT here yet, maybe spring! We could still get more snow. But I hear ya on the playing outside part. It's all about balance, and we all (even us adults) need time outside, enjoying the great outdoors!

Tina said...

Ok Carla... but it sure FEELS like summer!! :) I can pretend, right?

MonaS! said...

Love your banner! Can't wait til it gets really warm out here too!!! What a smart idea - being outside with the kids is ALWAYS better!!! Lovin' your new blog btw!!!