Friday, May 11, 2007

3-1= more work!!

Jaz spend last night at her grandparents, so I'm home with just the 2 boys today! Think I can get more done? Not a chance! Sammy likes to stick to me like glue whenever Jazzy isn't around! As I'm typing, he keeps hitting the ESC key! Ugh!!! What a boy!!
I was daring yesterday... or perhaps stupid! I took all 3 kids grocery shopping! WHAT A CHORE!! 2 kids in cart, Jazzy walking along side... It was fine when none of them were sooking, crying or wanting something!! LOL! Oh well... we made it home safe and sound... and with some of my sanity still in tact!! I'll wait a while before doing it again though!

Mothers day is coming up this weekend... Great time to reflect on motherhood!

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