Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's 2:35am...

And here I sit at the computer! Ugh! It's a long story... so here goes!
I took DD to gymnatics in Hampton tonight for 6pm. While she was there I went to Tim Hortons and got myself an icecap.... Mental note... Don't have icecaps that late in the day! YOU WILL NOT SLEEP!!!! So, anywho.... I get home and I'm raring to go! Cleaning, laundry, computer... go go go!!! So by 11:20 I head to bed... next thing I know I'm planning layouts, thinking up titles, journaling, planning what i'm going to do tomorrow, thinking about the Epicure party I'm having here... and then it's 1am!! UGH! So I finally fall asleep... then i'm woken up 15 minutes later by a crying and caughing 8 month old! And now with the big scare on about the caugh medicine, there is nothing i can give him! So I nurse him... he falls asleep and i put him back to bed... he cries and begins caughing all over again. I carry him around and rock him... Lay him down and he cries again. So, needless to say, here it is quarter to three and I'm still hp! With a wide awake but happy baby! AGH!!!!! And funny thing, I'm still not tired! This is SO going to kill my plans for cleaning tomorrow!! I made plans to skip out on play group so I could get caught up on some housework... well, looks like I'll be trying all morning to stay awake, just so I can take a nap once the kids crash after lunch!
And now the lookin cat is going haywire!! Sheesh... what a night, or should I say what a morning!?!?

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